The Democratic Attorneys General Association, Inc. (DAGA) is a political organization formed to support the election of Democrats to the office of Attorney General in all of the states and territories of the US. DAGA will make contributions to and expenditures on behalf of Democratic candidates for Attorney General and contributions to state and local Democratic Party committees as appropriate.










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Featured Attorney General

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum

DAGA’s newest Co-Chair, Ellen Rosenblum, was elected as Oregon’s 17th Attorney General in November of 2012.

Since taking office, General Rosenblum has worked diligently advocating for and protecting Oregon's most vulnerable, including especially its families and children, its seniors, Oregonians whose first language is not English, and students who have incurred significant education-related debt.

As a former federal prosecutor and state trial and appellate judge, she is committed to assisting district attorneys and local law enforcement in prosecuting complex crimes and has made internet and other crimes against children her highest priority.

General Rosenblum is the first woman to serve as Oregon’s Attorney General.






In the News

Washington State Attorney General defends voter-enacted medical marijuana

Bothell/Kenmore Reporter - 5/23/15

The Washington State Supreme Court this week agreed with an Attorney General's Office “friend of the court” brief that local jurisdictions have the right to regulate or ban collective gardens.


Does NJ need new way to pick its attorney general?

Cherry Hill Courier Post- 5/23/15

┬áNew Jersey is among a handful of states where the governor picks the top law enforcement official.

State attorney general, Janet Napolitano aim to address sex assault ...

Daily Californian- 5/14/15

California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced Wednesday at a press conference steps to address the issue of sexual assault on California’s college campuses.

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